“Exposing people to Endosulfan is a crime,” says health NGO

**The following is a HEAD press release.**

“Exposing People to Endosulfan is a Crime” – HEAD

The delayed admission that the sunken Princess of the Stars was carrying 10,000 kilos of the highly lethal pesticide endosulfan has placed thousands of people directly in harm’s way. Somebody should be held criminally liable for this. Continue reading


GMA, the Asean summit, and Frank

A year and a half ago, the Asean Leaders’ Summit in Cebu was cancelled because a typhoon was coming.
“Our responsibility to the Filipino people also lies in preparing to the best we can for the possible onslaught of another strong typhoon,”, Arroyo was quoted in a news report.
I remember Palace and government officials insisting, as we asked them about terror threats to the Asean summit, that the typhoon was the only reason it had to be reset.
Last week “Frank” hit the Philippines. Hundreds are dead, and the counting is not yet over. But this time Arroyo did not postpone her US trip.

The apathy of the powerless

Once upon a time, or so the story went, the Filipino people had the strength to change, not only their leaders, but the system of government itself, and even the Constitution. And, having been once stripped of their powers, they wanted to make sure they would never be rendered powerless again. Continue reading

Statements on the June 24 ’08 UP frat rumble

For what they’re worth, here are two statements on the June 24, 2008 rumble between two fraternities in UP, the Beta Sigma and APO.

USC Statement on the AS Walk Rumble

It is unfortunate that fraternity violence, in whatever form, persists despite the high ideals for which fraternities are founded. Continue reading

Makati RTC dismisses media suit

The Makati Regional Trial Court has dismissed a suit filed by media practitioners over the arrest of reporters who remained inside the Manila Peninsula hotel last November, and covered the incident until the end.

I don’t have the details yet, but Ellen Tordesillas has posted the statement of lawyer Harry Roque on her site.


What does citizenship mean?

One by one, the old men and women before me declared they wanted to become Japanese citizens. They were children of Japanese fathers, who died either before or during the war. After years of legal struggle, they were allowed by Japanese courts to become Japanese. Continue reading

Killing people

I can’t go out right now, I have to kill some people.

Typhoon Frank is out there flooding towns and villages, lashing at the farms, whipping up waves at sea. A ferry sank off Romblon province, and hundreds are missing. As a reporter, it is part of my job to find out how many people are dead, missing, and homeless. Continue reading