The MRT on a rainy day

A passenger holds open an umbrella INSIDE the MRT because the roof is dripping.
When it rains, the best way to travel in Metro Manila is via the light rail train system: the MRT or the two LRTs. But, as this picture shows, “best way to travel” only means you’ll get there on time, but not necessarily dry.
If you look closely, you’ll see a woman holding a brown umbrella inside the MRT train, trying not to get wet, because the ceiling is dripping.



In Quiapo, the mass is broadcast live for those who cannot fit inside the church.
Crowds have always been a problem in Quiapo. When the church is full, which is always, people stand beside the open doors to hear the mass. Now they can see the priest, too, through this large TV mounted just beside the main church. Continue reading


Mums, for P80 a dozen (remember to haggle).
The cheapest flowers in Metro Manila are in Dapitan, where the flowers from Baguio and Benguet are unloaded. Continue reading


Santo Nino, but with a money bag instead of the world
Manila is an old, old city, full of contradictions and strange ironies. Yesterday, trying to track down an interviewee, I found myself in the city that was my first beat assignment when I started as a reporter, more than 20 years ago. Continue reading


The old bakya with a new twist, at P350 a pair. There’s a stall at the Lung Center’s Sunday market selling old-fashioned bakya, with a new twist: hand-painted designs. Continue reading

Hidden Valley vacation

There are old, old trees inside the Hidden Valley.

There are old, old trees inside the Hidden Valley.

Had a one-night stay at the Hidden Valley this summer, and it was great! Inside are more pictures if anyone’s interested. Continue reading

Pampanga retablo

The retablo at the Holy Angels' University in Pampanga.

The retablo at the Holy Angels' University in Pampanga.

Built by the Holy Angel University as a symbol of its advocacy to help preserve and promote church heritage, this retablo contains the images of patron saints of the original towns of Pampanga, including the patroness of the province, Virgen de los Remedios. – lifted from the leaflet on the retablo from the Kapampangan Museum at the Holy Angel University. Pictures taken with my camera phone during a trip with Bloggers Kapihan to Pampanga before classes began. Continue reading