Gridlock in Philcoa

Pictures of the gridlock in Philcoa, Quezon City, this afternoon because of the rains brought by Typhoon Ondoy. Couldn’t upload earlier because I had no internet connection.


The gridlock in Philcoa was caused by vehicles that tried to counterflow.



I haven’t posted anything in a long time, partly because I was grieving and the emotions were so raw they wouldn’t make good copy. And then I was angry, and I try not to write when I’m angry. And then I was busy…and so on and so forth.
I’m posting here articles for reading: basically what I post on my Facebook page, for me to read (or re-read) later.

Swine flu, for one, is back (not that it has really left).
And then there’s this interesting book, whose title I really must remember so that I can find it in the bookstore later.