House of Representatives to pass Right of Reply bill tonight?

On June 3, 2009, the House of Representatives adjourned without passing the Right of Reply Bill.
Word is that the House of Representatives will approve the Right of Reply bill tonight, June 3, in a marathon session that will last into the wee hours of the morning. Those who are against it, protest while you still can. Meanwhile, I am reposting the Foreign Correspondent’s Association of the Philippines’ (FOCAP) position on the issue.

FOCAP Statement on Right of Reply Bill

The Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) strongly opposes the Right of Reply Bill being deliberated in Congress and calls on legislators to withdraw support for the measure. Continue reading


Where are the citizen journalists of Mindanao?

Where are the bloggers of Mindanao, the citizen journalists who we have hoped would keep us updated on the ARMM elections? The ARMM elections are the first automated elections in the country. If all goes well, the government hopes to also automate the 2010 national elections. Continue reading