DFA personnel question Yano’s appointment as Brunei ambassador

Rank and file personnel from the Foreign Affairs department are questioning the recent appointment of retiring AFP chief of staff Alexander Yano, as well as that of vice chief of staff, Cardozo Luna. In a statement issued Wednesday, Michael Macaraig pointed out that there are enough foreign service career officers waiting for ambassadorial posts to be vacated so they, too, could have an opportunity to represent their country. Continue reading


DND, DOH, DA meeting on swine flu (Apr28)

From left: Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap and Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro

The departments of health, agriculture and defense met at the National Disaster Coordinating Council on Tuesday, April 28, to discuss what measures to take with regards to the swine flu virus that now threatens to become a pandemic.
There is no reported case in the Philippines as of yet.
There are three government hospitals ready to take in a patient with suspected swine flu virus, but we have no capability to test for the virus. Our laboratories can only determine if the virus is “typable or non-typable;” if it’s non-typable, or of unknown strain, then it is sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) or the US for testing. We expect to get our own testing kits, eventually.
Pork is safe to eat, as long as it is cooked well. As Dr. Tayag said in an earlier press conference: Hindi humahatsing ang karneng baboy. Pwede pong kainin ito. Continue reading

Pork prices down by P5 to P10, says agri dept

BAI director Dave Catbagan and Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap

DA presscon, April 28. Philippine pork is safe to eat as long as you cook it thoroughly. Most of the meat the Philippines import are used for processed meat products. As of the morning of April 28, pork prices were down by P5 to P10. Continue reading

DOH presscon on the new swine flu virus

Health Secretary Duque shows a copy of a health advisory the DOH is giving to arriving travelers.

Philippine health authorities are now on the look out for influenza outbreaks and influenza illness, following the outbreak of a new swine flu virus strain in Mexico.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told a news conference Monday that thermal screens have been put up in six international airports in the country and incoming air travelers will have to go through thermal screening to detect fever. Continue reading

The UP College of Law Faculty’s statement on the Charter Change


Last Monday, 20 April 2009, the House of Representatives commenced deliberations on House Resolution No.737 (Proposing amendments to the Constitution to allow the acquisition by foreign corporations and associations of alienable public lands and private lands) via a so-called “fourth way” in which HR No.737 will be enacted as a proposal to amend the Constitution through the normal legislative process, except that the Resolution shall be passed by three-fourths of each chamber. Two days later, House Resolution No.1109 was filed calling upon the members of Congress to convene as a Constituent Assembly, upon the votes of three-fourths of all its members.
We, the members of the law faculty of the University of the Philippines, as teachers and citizens, are of the opinion that HR No.737 & 1109 are both without basis in law and ill-advised— Continue reading

Liveblogging chacha 3

Session adjourned for lack of quorum. Only 94 congressmen were present at about 7:30 p.m.
Notes on yesterday’s (April 22) proceedings at the House of Representatives. Though there was a quorum when the first roll call was made, many had left at about 7:30., and it had to be adjourned for lack of quorum. Continue reading

Liveblogging chacha 2

Rep. Villafuerte defends his resolution; Rep. Hontiveros-Baraquel in pink.
Warning: these are notes. I missed some important parts because i had to take a call and go outside. Don’t know all the congressmen, some are “xxx” until I find out who they are. These are not complete, nor do they cover all the important parts or issues discussed. Some sentences may be wrong. This is done more to give people an idea of what the debates are like at the House of Representatives. Continue reading