The period of debate is closed

Against the objections of the minority, the House of Representatives voted to close the period of debate on Resolution 1109, which calls for the convening of a constituent assembly.

Bello: allow us to speak and let the phil congress live up to its…of civilized discourse among civilized men and women…

Speaker: house now in process of acting on motion to close the period of debate and objectors are given the opportunity to explain their objections.

Golez: we started at maybe past 5 pm, roughly about 4 hours. What is four hours? The time one would spend watching two movies, having coffee on very immaterial matters with some friends. But today, right now, we are being told that we are spending too much time because we have spent four hours on something that is of national import…we have not spent enough time. Four hours is a very short time compared to the import of this resolution. Additionally, what we are discussing right now…the crux of this resolution is this whereas clause saying that the signatories hereby pledge and covenant…that is a matter of trust, of pledge. Yesterday, when endorsed to plenary, based on assumption there will be exhaustive discussion and we trusted the proponents. A few hours…he covenanted, pledged, best place for discussion here in plenary. Now they’re all reneging on that minor pledge. If they’re going to renege on their minor pledge, what more of their pledge that they’re not going to extend the term of elective officials? That there should be elections in 2010? If we cannot trust them in that very small pledge? The question here is trust, the ability of this august body to say something that people can trust. If we are going to terminate our discussion just because we spent a few hours….how can the people trust this congress when it becomes a constituent assembly, to make good their pledge on reso 1109? I appeal let us spend a few more hours so that everybody who has a stake on this very important resolution will have their say…allow us in the minority, in the very small minority, to have our say…

House will now vote. Parliamentary inquiry not a motion that can interfere with voting.

Padilla: we have not yet started.

House will now vote on motion to close debate since objections explained five minutes each. Say aye. Those against, nay.

The ayes have it. The period of debate is closed.


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